Classroom Managment

MQ Spectrum and More Effective Classroom Management

Just a few years ago, most learning took place in a classroom environment. Although it could be effective, it did not provide all the answers to student questions or the chance to collaborate and share ideas away from the classroom. With the help of modern technology, MQ Spectrum is proud to bring you the many benefits that come with MY VCMS Collaboration Platform. With MY VCMS, students have the chance to learn together while communicating in real time. But that is only a small part of the learning benefits that this collaboration platform can deliver.

What is MY VCMS?

MY VCMS allows students and teachers to stay in contact via instant messaging, social networking, and social feeds. It supports eLearning and also integrates seamlessly into standard classroom environments.

A quality collaboration platform helps the teacher organize and present classroom materials and better manage classrooms. This is beneficial for learning institutions as well as businesses. It allows for communication in and away from the classroom, and contains some important teaching and learning tools, like:

  • Chat – talk one on one to students, as if they were both in the same room.
  • Whiteboards – A whiteboard is a virtual chalkboard that the entire class can view in class and online. It provides an effective medium for illustrations and examples. This can be especially helpful for mathematical formulas and planning.
  • File transfer – This allows for students to receive classroom content without the need for printing and handing out papers.

My VCMS: A quality collaboration platform which brings the real world into classrooms

Integrated Classroom Management Solutions: Improving teaching tasks such as Administration, Monitoring, Control, Collaboration, Performance Assessment & Observation tools

Integrated Classroom Management Solutions

In some classroom situations, it can be difficult for the teacher to get the attention of every student. This is especially important when teaching children and adolescents. With the help of integrated solutions from MQ Spectrum, teachers receive assistance with the teaching process from beginning a class session to closing. These teaching tasks can be improved:

  • Administration – Administering class work and assignments can be easier and the teacher is assured that everyone has received and understood their assignments. Grading is also simplified.
  • Monitoring – In the past, teachers could only monitor student progress by comparing test scores. With real time communication and collaboration, teachers can determine who needs the most attention.
  • Control
  • Collaboration – With communication in and out of class, students can receive all the answers to their questions.
  • Enhanced performance assessment
  • Observation tools – it's not always easy to tell who is paying attention in class, and who is not. However, virtual tools like screen lock control and web application control, ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Social Networking and the Modern Classroom

Millions of people are enjoying the benefits of social networks for keeping in touch with those they care about. In addition, social media can be an effective tool when it is integrated into the classroom. Students can stay in constant contact with the teacher and keep up with all the latest events and news. With help from MQ Spectrum, classroom management has never been easier. To find out more about our solutions for today's classroom, email us by or calling +65 63544811.