COTS Customization

COTS Customization

Are there things you wish you could change about your current software programs? Maybe you want features that make it easier to share documents or you desire more user friendly functions? Perhaps, your needs are unique but your budget does not include custom software development. You might think that you only have two choices, software development or buying a COTS (custom off the shelf) program. However, you have a third option that many companies are choosing these days. You can hire software experts to modify your off the shelf programs, to meet the needs of your business.

What is COTS?

Custom off the shelf software can be purchased by anyone, and Word processing programs are a good example. When you install a word processor, you are limited to its parameters and functions. Moreover, these programs are generic in nature so they can fit a wide range of environments and applications. This can create inconveniences and added work for your staff.

What is Custom Software Development?

With custom software development, your IT professionals design a program for you from the ground up. It is created with your specific needs in mind. This can be a time consuming and expensive operation, but delivers excellent results. However, you receive a program that is perfect for your situation.

What is COTS Customization?

When you hire software professionals for COTS customization, they take "off the shelf" programs and customize them for your needs. This is a cost effective way to make your business more efficient and it can make operations easier on your staff.

Let's take a closer look at COTS customizing with an example. Suppose you are in the market for a new car. You may see the perfect car on the lot and buy it. Yet the truth is, when you purchase a car from the dealer's lot you are compromising. For example, the car may have the right size engine with air conditioning, but maybe you really wanted a rear view camera function. Perhaps the color is not exactly what you like either. There may be a number of issues to deal with.

You could order a car from the factory. This would give you a vehicle that is more in line with your needs and wants but you still have limited options for each model. However, when you take the car to an automotive customizer, you can have everything you want. Naturally, that is much cheaper than hiring someone to build a vehicle just for you. This is the idea behind COTS customizing services.

Benefits of COTS Customization

When you choose software experts like MQ Spectrum you receive these benefits:

  • Cost effective software solutions
  • No long waiting periods for results
  • Little training required
  • Easy upgrades
  • Support when needed

Why Choose MQ Spectrum for COTS Customization?

MQ Spectrum offers a wide range of technology solutions for today's businesses. We have done work for Hewlett Packard, NEC, Changi Airport Singapore, the Defence Science and Technology Agency, and many more. When you hire us, you receive a team of professionals that are focused on the IT needs of your company. Would you like to solve your software issues in the most efficient and cost effective manner? Please visit us on the Web today at You also can call +65 63544811.