eLearning Services

Few things are as important as employee training and continuing education. At MQ Spectrum, we believe that just as much learning can take place out of the classroom as inside a classroom environment, and with the help of modern learning methods, non-classroom teaching can be highly effective. This gives students of all ages, the opportunity to learn at their own pace and time schedules.

Anyone can utilize various eLearning tools, but that is not what makes them effective. It's best to have eLearning programs and systems in place that are specifically designed for the student. This not only makes them more successful, but can drastically reduce the time it takes to learn. So how does one choose the best programs? One of the easiest ways to ensure you have the most effective learning tools at your disposal, is to utilize the services of eLearning professionals like MQ Spectrum.

Smart Classroom Technology

One of the most important benefits you can receive from MQ Spectrum is smart classroom learning. So what is a smart classroom? A smart classroom integrates a variety of modern teaching technologies, like computers and interactive programs.

Simulator experiences are good examples of smart classroom technology. This type of teaching literally brings the student into the environment that he or she will be facing. For example, it's one thing to talk about driving a vehicle and another thing entirely, to actually be behind the wheel of that vehicle in a realistic and interactive environment.

eLearning specialists from MQ Spectrum are there to help you improve your training methods and if necessary, completely design an eLearning environment that is customized to your specific needs.

Instructional Design Services

If you want an effective eLearning system, it starts with the planning and design processes. MQ Spectrum has specialists with backgrounds in education, and they carefully examine how your company operates and what kinds of training requirements you need.

We choose the most effective structural media for your program. For example, some companies do better with Internet based systems that can assist students in more than one region, while others are better served with computer based systems. You have a wide variety of instructional audio and video formats in which to choose.

eLearning Project Management

IMQ Spectrum is there to take care of your entire eLearning project, and this includes the designing and developmental stages. It also includes implementation and complete evaluation. Your team of professionals work together to bring you a complete learning experience.

Consultation Services

Whether we build you a custom eLearning system or you require assistance with the one you currently use, MQ Spectrum can help. As eLearning specialists we are there with professional consulting services. For example, we can tell you what kind of improvements you may wish to consider, and help you make changes that will give you more effective eLearning.

Sharable Content

You can be assured that your eLearning software will conform to all of the modern day standards set for eLearning. This ensures that your software is compatible with many types of eLearning technology. To find out more about our eLearning services, call +65 63544811 or visit our homepage today at www.mqspectrum.com.