MQ Media Portal

Media Portal

A media portal is a platform that allows people to share a wide range or video, audio, and still images. It is easy to use and a good way for people and groups to share learning experiences and other information. MQ Spectrum provides medial portal technology that brings people together and offers many benefits.

Coming Together

MQ Spectrum media portal technology provides rich media content with the opportunity to share and collaborate. It's now possible to share video, images, and audio files with anyone, and they can also be shared among groups. By incorporating a user friendly interface with a powerful media platform, you receive media that is not only easy to access, it is more appealing and pleasing to the senses.

User friendly means that most people can view and send files without difficulty and it will not require a great deal of training. This is an important feature for businesses that wish to enhance training experiences without the need to spend a lot of time, effort, and money.

When you share media through a community (with the right portal) it can deliver these benefits:

  • Feedback – you can create a rating system and receive comments from your viewers.
  • Control – you decide which people or groups may view your media.
  • Organization – it is very easy to tag specific materials and search options make it easy to find.
  • Discussions – allows for easy collaboration and idea sharing on ideas and projects.
  • Meetings – conduct interactive meetings in person or from a remote location.

Customized Media Platform

With MQ Spectrum media portal technology you have the chance to customize your media experience. Here are some examples:

  • Appearance – when you customize your media experience you can select how you view things. For example, with some open source programs you can change the appearance of video or audio players, and have access to a wide range of sound and video settings.
  • Sharing made easy – have you ever sent files to a group, but not everyone could view them? For example, some types of media players cannot handle certain video file formats and this can be very frustrating. When everyone in the group is part of the same media portal, they can instantly see everything that is shared among group members. This makes it fast and easy to share all kinds of important information.
  • Bookmark content that you want. This works like Internet "browser favorites" and you can easily find media when you want to.
  • Playlists –gives you the change to organize media into playlists. For example, you do not have to search out each video or audio file every time you wish to access them. When you create a playlist, access is instant and convenient.
  • Easy to tag content
  • Google Search Appliance – you can integrate your platform with this powerful search system. It can be incorporated into your file system or website and this will make it simple and quick to find things that you need.
To discover more about the many good things that MQ Spectrum media portal technology can deliver, click this link to send us an email. You are also are welcome to call us at +65 63544811.