mQast Lite

mQast Lite

mQast Lite is designed to make life much easier at home or at work. All you need is a smart television or projector, and your computer or smart phone. With special technology, your small screen can easily be seen in high definition on a large screen. This is perfect for private meetings or presentations, or checking out the latest movies or music videos.

mQast Lite is simple to operate and once you hook it up to a TV HDMI port or projector, it mirrors the screen of the device you are broadcasting from. This is done with modern WiFi technology. In fact, mQast Lite is DLNA certified and Miracast compatible. But what does that mean?


DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance. In 2003, Intel and Sony got together to create universally accepted standards and guidelines for digital media sharing. The certification system is non profit and utilizes universal plug and play technologies, and it has grown significantly over the years. In fact, by late 2014, more than nine thousand products have become DLNA certified. This makes it easy to use just about any kind of media device with equipment. Because mQast Lite is DLNA certified, you can be assured that it will work with most devices.


Thanks to Miracast technology (WiFi display certification), it's possible to mirror small smart phone screens onto a large big screen TV. Plus, this can be done without connecting HDMI cables. Many devices (including mQast Lite) have this special technology built in to them, and with Miracast you get no audio or visual delays, as both sound and sight are synchronized. With Miracast, it is very convenient to watch your favorite videos from an Android phone.

How Does mQast Lite Work?

Not long ago, you needed to connect HDMI cables to a large screen if you wanted to view the screen of a smaller device, and images could be difficult to see. However, technology like mQast Lite solves that problem.

Setting up mQast Lite

  • Once you are hooked up, select the "screen mirroring" option.
  • Choose "enable"
  • mQast Lite will scan your device
  • Select the wireless network you are using and when it is ready you can connect.

There are several other options and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Connecting mQast to the Web

It is very easy to connect your device to the mQast WiFi network. Open up a Web browser and use the URL that is provided. That is all there is to it.

The Benefits of mQast Lite

When using mQast Lite in the home, you now have the opportunity to watch a wide range of media on a large screen TV.

Have you ever tried to show more than one person, your smart phone screen? This can make it very difficult to enjoy or appreciate. For example, maybe you just got back from vacation and wish to share all the video and still images that you took. Instead of handing your phone to one person at a time, you only need to get everyone together in one room. It's like having your own television program.

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