mQast is our latest network projection gateway. With this system, you can project the screens from all kinds of mobile devices. In fact, the projector will mirror images and information without distortions. This can be very effective for presentations and classroom teaching. mQast will work with:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Smart phones
  • Android OS tablets
  • Windows OS tablet computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop computers

Totally Wireless

You no longer have the need to connect cables to a projector and the device you wish to mirror. However, mQast is much more than a wireless projection system. Because it is a network gateway, mQast can make it possible for anyone within an organization or group to access projectors. In fact, any person that is allowed on the network can access company projectors and share important information.

How Does mQast Work?

mQast works with modern wireless technology, and can connect with Internet and LAN systems. The technology is similar to methods used for sharing computer equipment within an organization, and it comes with many benefits:

  • Secure connection – with some forms of wireless connections it's possible for others to intercept signals (such as cordless telephones). However, your data will be as secure as your network, because only people signed in can access and view materials.
  • Access from anywhere – Maybe you are in another country on business but you need to make a presentation to your staff for an important meeting. Thanks to mQast, you can sign in to your company network from the World Wide Web, access all the information you need, and mirror your PC or smart phone screen via a wireless projector. It's as if you were in the room, when in reality you are half way across the planet.
  • Easier preparation – suppose you have little time for a special meeting or presentation. Instead of gathering up all your notes and information, you can make them available at the presentation, and everyone at the meeting can receive what they need by accessing the projector on the network. Many meetings take much more time in preparation than presentation, and with mQast you can drastically cut your meeting preparation time.
  • Less equipment downtime – when your projectors are easily accessible from your network, your IT staff can check out and diagnose problems from a remote location. They do not have to be on the premises. In addition, with automatic reminders, the maintenance staff can be sent notices when it is time for changing bulbs or inspecting equipment.
  • More efficient tech support – large companies may be able to get by with less IT tech support staff, because they can take care of many issues from a central location.
  • Convenience – staff no longer needs to use special equipment for presentations. For example, you can give your presentation directly from your smart phone, tablet pc, or laptop, and it can be mirrored to a monitor or projector. This is not only more convenient, it can save an enormous amount of time.

To find out more about the many benefits that mQast can provide, email MQ Spectrum at or call +65 63544811.