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MQ Learning Portal Products – Taking Learning to the Next Level

Whether you have a collection of young minds eager to learn, or employees that need training in a specific field or subject, a learning portal provides a number of important benefits. But what exactly is a learning portal?

Learning Portal

A learning portal is a hub or central location to access a wide range of learning tools. It includes schedules, classes, and instructions, complete with quizzes and online workshops. However, a learning portal provides much more than just online instruction. It allows for a great deal of interaction between students and students and instructor, and that can significantly enhance the learning process.

Student Interaction

Discussion in a classroom environment is important. However, when you when you can collaborate outside of the classroom, you make learning much more effective. Here are some of the important collaboration tools you can find:

  • Blogs – A blog can provide important information that is not found inside physical or virtual classrooms. In addition, it allows for feedback and comments from the readers. This enhances blog content for both the writer and the reader. Blogs are also a good place to post classroom events and schedules.
  • Wikis – A wiki allows everyone to get involved when writing about a subject. It provides a "meeting of the minds" which can improve content and subject matter.
  • Forums – One teacher can only handle so many questions, but an online forum allows for an in-depth discussion of specific subjects and details. Plus, it is one of the best ways to receive answers to perplexing questions and issues.
  • Chat rooms – When you include online chat, you allow people to extend classroom learning. In addition, it is like adding an actual classroom experience within a virtual classroom environment, because people can communicate in real time.

Why Choose MQ Spectrum for Learning Portal Products?

When you choose a trusted provider like MQ Spectrum, your learning portal can be customized to the needs of your company and students. It will be easy to navigate and include things that are pertinent to your specific learning needs. In addition, you will receive these benefits:

  • High level security – Only authorized personnel can utilize your learning portal. This minimizes student distractions and focuses the learning process. Also, high security means your students' personal information is safe and secure.
  • Easy access – Users may access your system from a wide range of mobile devices. They can use their tablets, smart phones, and laptops, in addition to home computers.
  • HR system integration – Your human resources department will not have any problems becoming part of the learning process, and will have access to vital info when needed.
  • 3rd party content support – Supplementing your learning programs is simple and quick, as other materials will be easy to include.

When you choose MQ Spectrum for your learning portal needs, you will enjoy training programs that are tailored to your requirements. Both students and teachers can interact in a way that creates an environment conducive to learning. This is sure to improve learning retention and "on the job" performance. To contact MQ Spectrum about our learning portal products, call +65 63544811 or email us at today.