Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Professional performance testing checks to see how your system will run in a wide variety of situations. This ensures maximum performance, efficiency, and can help to avoid downtime. Here are some of the ways that MQ Spectrum can help.

Load Testing

Load testing puts a program under a specific load or environment, to see how it will respond. For example, what would happen if a certain number of users were performing tasks at the same time? Having this information can help you avoid a lot of future problems.

Testing Stress

It's vital to know exactly how much demand your application can handle, without problems. Stress tests (taking load testing to the extreme) check the upper limits of capacity and performance. This lets you know just how much your programs, hardware, and peripherals can take.

Testing for Endurance

Load testing lets you know how an application responds to a specific load, but what happens if that load is maintained over a period of time? That is where endurance or "soak testing" comes in. An endurance test may monitor a system's memory or output. It checks to see how performance is affected during a given time period. This shows you how your program is going to react to a constant load.

Spike Tests

What would happen if a large number of people suddenly used one program for a short period of time? And what would happen if system demand fluctuates a great deal during the day? Spike testing is designed to simulate these conditions, monitor what happens, and provide a detailed report to the tester. This is important for many kinds of software programs, and can often reveal hidden weaknesses or problems.

Testing Configuration

What happens when you change software application settings? Did you know it can affect performance and other users? Configuration testing insures that the program remains stable and the system is not affected.

Isolation Tests

If a problem develops during performance testing, it will be repeated. This helps to isolate and verify the problem, so corrective action can be taken.

Performance Testing from MQ Spectrum

Here is what we do for you:

  • Identify the testing environment
  • Determine criteria for performance
  • Plan and design tests
  • Configure test environment and implement design
  • Perform testing
  • Analyze test results, tune, and repeat tests
  • Report our findings to you

Benefits of MQ Spectrum Performance Testing

When you hire MQ Spectrum you will know how your system can handle specific loads. You can compare results with other systems and isolate problems so they can be fixed. We also help you determine and understand your performance goals, so they can be met.

Why wait until you have problems with your programs or computer system? When you take advantage of professional services from MQ Spectrum you can stay one step ahead of trouble, and this helps you maintain maximum efficiency and performance. To learn more about the many services that MQ Spectrum has to offer, come to our home on the Web at or you may call us at +65 63544811.