Software Development

Software Development

Is your company using standard business software? These applications can serve their purpose, but there is one problem. They were designed for someone else, or with a "one size fits all" mentality. Your company and infrastructure is unique and it should have custom IT solutions to function at top efficiency. That is where MQ Spectrum comes onto the scene.

Customised Solutions

Are you having problems training employees? Maybe your methods are outdated or they simply are not effective. This could be caused by not using learning tools that are made for your industry, your company, and your people.

Software Development

There's no need to use universal software programs for you business. MQ Spectrum can provide you with programs that are specifically designed to serve you. Here is how the process of software development works.

Requirement Study

Our software designers carefully examine every aspect of your business. We want to know what problems you face on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. This is important because it tells us how to come up with solutions to your specific problems.


MQ Spectrum is there to provide applications that conform not only to your business needs, but the standards set by your industry. We take your requirements and match them to software solutions. We may also perform a detailed risk analysis. This tells us all about your security risk factors, and how they can be improved.


During the implementation process, the design is put into action and written into computer code. At this point, it may consist of several components or modules.


After the application is created, it is then tested to see if it serves your needs. In fact, there are several types of testing procedures performed:

  • Unit tests – each function or component of the program is tested on an individual basis.
  • Integration testing - software components are combined and tested as a group.
  • System testing is performed to find out how the program actually works.
  • Acceptance testing is done to see how your application works under normal conditions. During all the testing phases we ask ourselves, does the software meet all of your requirements and do the job it was designed to perform? This question must be answered with a definite "yes".


The finished program is delivered to you, after extensive testing.

Software Maintenance

Our job is not done after the software is delivered. We are there to ensure that no problems exist and if so, they will be corrected.

Custom Software Solutions

MQ Spectrum can also customize the following applications for you:

  • HTML technology
  • Java Applications
  • AJAX/JSON based Web Applications
  • Open source management software
  • Open source collaboration and portal software
  • open-source PHP web applications

Turnkey Products

Your software is designed to be simple to use and uncomplicated. That is what turnkey software solutions are all about. MQ Spectrum provides end-to end solutions and we are your one stop shop for IT products. For more info on software development services or open source technology, email us today at You also can call +65 63544811.