System Integration

System Integration

Would you like to have an entirely new computer system? How about something that is custom designed and manufactured for your specific needs? This is possible when you hire the services of an experienced system integrator like MQ Spectrum.

An expert system integrator can build you a custom IT infrastructure, computer system, and communications system, using a blend of hardware and software applications that are currently available today. Our people have a great deal of training and IT experience, and we can integrate many different parts into one complete system, saving you money and providing you with custom technology solutions for your business. Here are some of the things that we can build for you.

E-learning Systems

When most people think of e-learning they immediately think about Web based technology and that is an important part of the educational process. However, MQ Spectrum's custom system integration services utilize far more tools than just the World Wide Web. We can provide you with a training system that combines content via LAN/WAN (local area network), audio/video, Internet, and writeable media, along with these e-learning processes and applications:

  • Internet based
  • Computer based
  • Virtual classroom environments
  • Collaboration applications

Content Management Systems

Our system integration services can also include Content Management Systems (CMS) and their technology. A CMS allows your staff to completely manage all of your content.

A content delivery system allows the content author to publish, edit, update, and easily control content. When used for websites, the user does not need to know complex web based languages and codes. Many corporate clients use CMS applications for blogs, news sites, and ecommerce sites.

A custom CMS gives your staff instant access to files and the ability to embed audio or video in your content. This allows for an interactive experience with the audience. Managing content systems is simple and easy and this creates a more efficient operation. In fact, MQ Spectrum provides system integration with any online application that you require.

MQ Spectrum System Integration Services

When you hire our system integrations services, here is what happens:

  • We select all of the necessary components for your system. We also procure and install all equipment that is needed. There is very little for you or your staff to be concerned with.
  • We install and set up your server computers. Also, you can be assured that your servers will utilize the latest technology and the most efficient server operating systems.
  • Software configuration – MQ Spectrum installs all the necessary software.
  • Load testing – each system component is tested, along with the entire system. This is done not once, twice, but three times (if needed) to insure that everything is working properly.
  • User acceptance – you make the final decision by personally testing the software and the system. It must meet your specifications in order to pass our high standards of quality assurance.
  • Support and training – you are never alone when you have MQ Spectrum on your team. We are there to insure that your staff is fully trained and when you need assistance, we are available.

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