Vulnerability Assessment & System Hardening

Vulnerability Assessment & System Hardening

In a perfect world, you could go online and never have to worry about security issues. However, that is just a fantasy, as unfortunately there are many people out there that wish to do you harm, or steal something that you have. That is why vulnerability assessment and system hardening is not a luxury for businesses these days, it is an absolute necessity. MQ Spectrum provides services that check to see what ways you may be exposed to attack and provide you with solutions to solve these issues. Plus, if needed, we are there with ongoing security support.

Are You Vulnerable to Unknown Cyber Forces?

You may have no idea that your security is inadequate. In fact, that is just what hackers are depending on. When you hire MQ Spectrum for vulnerability assessment, we provide WAVS (Web application vulnerability scanning) services. This service is designed to check your applications by deliberately exposing them to attack. This checks for input output validation, specific problems with your applications, and issues like server configuration errors.

Important Security Issues

Hackers can make your system inaccessible to others (denial of service) and there are many other problems that you may face. Once MQ Spectrum has performed a detailed analysis of your vulnerabilities, we report back to you with the results. We let you know exactly how we can take care of these issues, and with your approval we will proceed.

Why is Vulnerability Assessment So Important?

No one wants to be vulnerable to attack, and checking your security is important for many different reasons, such as:

  • Your business reputation is at stake. All it takes is one security breach to make your customers or clients lose confidence in you. Once this happens, it can be extremely difficult to regain your good name. In fact, most people will do not business with a company, if they believe there is a chance that their personal information (and personal identities) may be at risk.
  • Piracy problems – others (including competitors) may wish to know your patented or proprietary information. If you manufacture goods or products that have special recipes or formulas, it could spell disaster if this information fell into the wrong hands.
  • Prevention – you need to have the most secure system possible to ensure against future attacks. Also, once hackers know that your system is extremely secure they may try to find easier sources for their exploits.

System Hardening

Once vulnerability is revealed, the hardening process can begin. MQ Spectrum may use a number of strategies to make your system more secure. For example, some of the tools at our disposal are:

  • Closing open network ports
  • Designing intrusion detection systems
  • Installing firewalls or improving firewalls
  • Special intrusion prevention strategies
  • Applying security patches

Industry Standards Security Templates

Security templates are system files that make it possible to configure, organize, and manage the security of an entire network of computers, and can focus on one specific computer or all the computers on your network. The templates define which users have limited access and allows for password programs that restrict user access. This helps to harden a computer system and make it less vulnerable.

MQ Spectrum uses industry standard security templates that can be customized to fit all of your security needs. This allows for the highest degree of system hardening and at the same time, will not make it difficult on your computer network users. This gives you maximum security.

MQ Spectrum checks your entire system based on industry standards and uses system hardening techniques that meet or exceed industry standards. This provides peace of mind, knowing that you and your business are secure. To find out more about our services, visit our website today at or call +65 63544811.